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MotionMouse is a utility with which you can move your mouse via movements of head and upper body. Clicking the mouse can be done via hot keys or by using special head gestures.

Requirements for MotionMouse are
Go ahead and have fun!

Ah, yes, before I forget, a short disclaimer: I wrote this program to the best of my abilities and with best intentions. Nonetheless it probably  still contains some bugs, some of which may only show under very special circumstances. I'm almost sure none of those bugs will do harm to you, but I can never be 100% sure. So you have to run MotionMouse on your own risk. My understanding of healthy computer work is that the more variety in your movements, the better for your health. I use MotionMouse for quite a while now. At the beginning my neck and should muscles became a bit stiff after some hours of usage, especially during the testing phase where MotionMouse was not tuned yet, which caused me to do some heavy head-banging. Fortunately those days are over. But every body is different and I am not a medical doctor. Use MotionMouse with care and at your own risk. Stay relaxed when using it and enjoy the experience.

Now you can download the program itself.

Users of modern Windows should download this version Win98 user should download this version
Deutsche Version für Modernes Windows Deutsche Version für altes Windows

If someone would like to translate MotionMouse into another language, you are welcome to