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Welcome to PictureRelate. This project was started in 2004 when I just had finished my Ph.D. and after my post-doc grant was revoked about a week before I would have moved to Italy. With a lot of unexpected spare time I decided to find out wether I can make a living by writing shareware programs. After some months I got an attractive offer to work in medical software development, which is much more rewarding, at least financially. But PictureRelate already had a number of enthusiastic fans, so I decided to continue developement on a donation-ware base in my spare time.
PictureRelate needs your help! With some 40.000 lines of code, not counting code of included libraries, PictureRelate isn't a small program any more. Maintenance becomes increasingly difficult. With every improvement, some previously implemented feature might break. The good news is: there are a lot of internal checks to detect such problems before they do any harm. But to fix these problems, I have to know about them. So I need your help. Please let me know if you encounter any "unexpected program behavior". You can post a message in the forum or you can use the contact form on the PictureRelate homepage.
If you prefer to use a more simple, but well tested, old version of PictureRelate, go to the download web site. If you are willing to help, please make sure you are using the latest version of PictureRelate.
Noncommercial PictureRelate licenses are free, but you are asked for a small donation. This will help me pay the web server, internet access, and maybe some day I will be able to buy a new computer on the project. If someone can become a millionaire by selling a million pixels of his homepage, why shouldn't it be possible to get money for doing some useful programming?
But first of all, go ahead, have fun.
PictureRelate is a high quality product (let me know in case you don't think so) and a lot of research and developement experience was necessary to create it. This work was not sponsored by any government grants or such and therefore I ask for your support. If you want to use it, it is your responsibility to support the developement.
You can do so by donating some money to the project by getting a shareware style non-commercial license online here on this page. From time to time PictureRelate checks your license online. If you are interested in commercial licensing, please use the contact form. Note that currently there is no commercial licensing. But if you have a good business proposal, I'll consider doing all the paperwork necessery to "go commercial". Furthermore if you have an honorable commercial application, I may be inclined to give you written permission to use PictureRelate for that application.

The recommended way to open this page is from the license dialog of the PictureRelate program. That way you will have your computer name filled correctly into the form below. Please do this before you proceed. Thank you.

Non-Commercial Shareware-Style Single Computer License

This license is non-commercial in the sense that you are not allowed to use it for commercial purposes. And it is non-commercial in the sense that I won't take any responsibilities and guaranties. During the evaluation period you have every chance to check out PictureRelate. I assert you that PictureRelate was programmed with best intent and to the best of my abilities. Any bugs, glitches and misbehaviors that may turn up will be fixed as long as I get enough positive encouragement from users to do so. But I can't guaranty to fix them quickly. Nor can I take responsibility for any damage or losses you may have due to problems with PictureRelate. Use PictureRelate at your own risk. In short: you don't have the right to sue me. In case you believe you have to sue me despite of this, German law shall apply and you must sue me were I live. But please just don't. It's not worth the trouble and only the lawyers will get rich.

This license entitles you to free updates. You will be able to use your license in future versions of PictureRelate.

This license is a single computer license bound to your computer. To be more specific, it is bound to the computer with the name the license dialog of PictureRelate displays. If you get a new computer, you are free to give the new computer the name of the old computer and continue using PictureRelate on your new computer, provided you don't use PictureRelate on the old computer any more.

I won't give your email address or personal data to anyone. But your data may be stored and used for online validation of your license. You are responsible not to make your license available to anyone else. Licenses which are obviously misused become invalid. In case of a security accident on your side I probably will give you a new valid license for free. But if it happens too often, I may ask you for an administrational fee or to simply buy a new license.

I won't send you emails unrelated to this license in particular or PictureRelate in general. If you don't want to receive general PictureRelate information, please indicate so below.

Please fill in and correct your personal information needed for this license




Computer Name:
Note: this value must be identical to the one in the license dialog of PictureRelate on the computer you want to use PictureRelate. If you opened this page from the license tab of PictureRelate the value should already be filled in correctly.

Donations can be done by bank transfer to my German bank account or via PayPal. You will get the details together with your license via email. Bank transfer is the preferred method within Germany. It probably is also the preferred method within Europe, because I think that money transfer within Europe should be pretty cheap by now. But if you are unsure, ask your bank how much they charge. PayPal is probably the preferred method from outside Europe, even though they charge me a currency exchange fee and a fixed amount per transfer.

How much encouragement would you like to give me?

Would you like to tell me what you like most about PictureRelate? Or what kind of feature you would like to see improved?

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Check this box if you understand the terms of this license and you do agree to them.

Click here and your license and details for payment will be sent to your email address. (Let me know if you don't receive it within a few minutes.)