Vertical Hook Landing - a Concept to be Discussed

1) Descend towards landing location
2) Ignition of rocket engine; fine-tuning of path to landing location
3) Vertical descend at landing location
4) Hovering aside of landing wire
5) Drift horizontally onto landing wire
6) Hook-on and engine off


Why not?

The wire for hook landing could be mounted on an unmanned platform floating in the sea.
Hook landing may even be possible with a hypersonic parachute still attached to the vehicle (klick here for modified schematic figure).
X-13 Vertijet aeroplane demonstrated vertical landing on a hook with an air breathing engine in the 1950s.
The DC-X project did build a test vehicle in the early 1990s to demonstrate vertical landing with rockets.
Tailhook landing is used by some horizontally landing aircrafts to reduce needed runway length; this is rather different from vertical hook landing discussed here.